Closet Detox and Restoration

This service will benefit you if you find yourself recycling and wearing certain pieces over again but have a wardrobe full of clothes you don't take one look at. This service will benefit you if you find yourself with a closet full of clothes that don't work well with your personal style and lifestyle yet don't know how to rid yourself of these unwanted pieces. Do you have pieces you can't part with because of sentimental value? If so this service is for you. 

This is where I will step in. The closet detox and restoration service will be a detailed process in which we will go through your wardrobe/closet and rid you of all the pieces that no longer beneficial to  you at the moment. Once the closet detox portion of this service has been successfully completed we will move on to the restoration portion. From here I will educate you on how create efficient looks from the pieces you have in your closet along with adding pieces that are pivotal to have in an everyday setting. 


Style Development

Style Development sessions are for the person who has never quite understood style or fashion, lost sight of their personal style or has recently gone through a major life change and wants to construct a new version of themselves.This session will consist of various evaluations that will help you successfully develop and determine what your personal style identity will consist of. Once the evaluations are completed I will help you achieve your personal style. The results are what you will base the building of your future wardrobe on. I will help you understand what appropriately fits your body type along with how to shop purposefully. 


Personal Styling & Shopping


If you are needing this service you have successfully developed and defined your own personal style.  Congratulations! Developing and defining your style is no easy feat. It takes time and typically a few rough style decisions. This session is for those who know their personal style identity well but may need help adding pieces to there wardrobe. This session is great for someone who needs encouragement and guidance with coordinating a look for a specific occasion or coordinating outfits from the pieces they already own within their personal wardrobe. I will teach you how to shop for pieces effectively and purposefully.

If you are out of town, a busy person with little time to shop or simply want to avoid shopping as a whole I will go out and shop for you personally.


Virtual Styling 

Are you a busy person with very little time to take out and partake in the traditional in person styling session? Are you not located in the area?  There's no problem at all. The virtual styling service will allow you to receive the same experience as those who are styled in person.